Meet Matt Lovitt

Listen, I’m not your average trainer. I’ve spent 20,000 hours in the trenches, not just with gym rats, but with top performers demanding results. My first gig was a dream job in a hospital analyzing the kind of data most trainers never see – DEXA scans, VO2 max, the hardcore stuff. That taught me one thing: cookie-cutter plans don’t cut it.

Then life kicked my butt, and that’s when things got real. To fix myself, I didn’t just try the trends, I went deep – ten countries deep. Yoga, fasting, meditation, I became the guinea pig so you don’t have to.

Bottom line: I don’t just train, I coach transformation. That’s why I’m double-certified as a High-Performance Coach. I’m still learning, still pushing because my clients deserve the best.

Now, here’s what that means for YOU:

  • Routines built on 20,000 hours of hard-won experience, tailored for guys who want real change.
  • Watch those extra pounds melt off – my clients have dropped 100+ pounds, and that’s just the start.
  • Want to crush it in your career? My clients have climbed the ladder, from CEOs to pro athletes, rockstars, and even the freaking Navy.
  • Sick of aches and pills? Imagine kissing joint pain goodbye and ditching the meds. That’s what we do.

Sound good? Then let’s get to work.

Ever since my girl left me for a hotter guy, I’ve been obsessed with transformation. Weightlifting was my first weapon – I loved the control, how I could sculpt my body. It fueled me, gave me an edge on the soccer field, and hey, I wasn’t half bad with the girls anymore either. That’s when I knew – this fascination with change, it was my thing.

In college, I pushed my diet to extremes. Guess what? I smoked my teammates in drills. Thought I had cracked the code! Then my 20s hit… man, I was intense, thought I ruled the world. Turns out, pain ruled me. Doctors called me crazy when my health tanked.

So, I did what I always do: went deep. I became a test subject, spent a fortune on every protocol out there – blood, saliva… you name it. Turns out, fixing yourself takes more than western medicine textbooks. Ayurveda, that was the first big shift for me. Look, I spent a small fortune figuring this out.

After all that chaos, I learned the hard way – health is about the whole darn system, and change takes discipline. It lit a fire under my butt, got me my own studio. But I hit more detours – turns out I suck at real estate. I’m a big picture guy, I crave intensity, not contracts and compliance.

The real shift? Embracing that aggression. Talking to high performers, helping them unlock not just their bodies, but their lives – that’s my jam. After years in the trenches, in a city like New Orleans where a good time trumps a good workout, I know people’s excuses, their blocks. It’s made me better. Now, I work with those ready to break the mold and go all in.

My goal? I want you to see that you can dictate your life. I’ve been there, at rock bottom and beyond. Trust me, the potential’s there – let me show you how to unleash it.

To your health,

Matt Lovitt

Founder, Lovitt Coaching

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