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The War on Dad bods

Dads, it’s time to reclaim your strength, energy, and the physique you deserve! The War on Dad Bods combines efficient workouts, expert coaching, and a community of dads on the same mission.

Ditch the dad bod and feel your best – plus, get free workout gear to kickstart your journey.

1-on-1 Performance coaching

Ambitious goals require a proven system. Matt Lovitt’s performance coaching delivers a tailored plan, unshakeable mindset, and the support to turn your vision into reality.

Get ready to achieve more than you thought possible. With this personalized approach, you’ll gain clarity, overcome mental barriers, and stay accountable on your journey to extraordinary success.

1-on-1 virtual personal training

Experience the power of personalized training wherever you are. Virtual Personal Training brings Matt Lovitt’s coaching directly to you – live sessions, custom workouts, and the flexibility to train on your schedule.

Achieve your fitness goals without the hassle of gym commutes. Get real-time feedback, expert guidance, and the motivation you need to stay on track – whether you’re at home, traveling, or prefer the convenience of your own space.

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